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Remote work has become more popular over the last few years. But, then COVID-19 happened, and so many businesses locked their doors and sent their employees home to work remotely and stay safe. Some businesses may get back to normal, while some may continue working remotely. Regardless of what happens, working from home is the new normal that companies need to adjust to if they haven’t already.

With more people working from home now than ever before, it’s easy for communication to get lost. But, with the right approach and the right tools, like a cloud hosted phone system, employees can be productive and feel connected to their team. At Ideacom NC, we offer Zultys Cloud Services, for the most secure, reliable cloud communication for your remote workers.

The Challenges of Working Remotely

One of the biggest challenges that come with working remotely is the feeling of being disconnected. You don’t see employees in the office every day to get the latest office news or chat about what’s going on in your life. And sometimes, managers can forget to loop in the remote workers on office announcements because they don’t see them. And let’s be honest, feeling like you’re being “left out” or “forgotten” isn’t a good feeling at all.

While remote workers know they are dealing with a geographical barrier that their office-based colleagues don’t face, they still want to feel involved and informed. This is an easy fix with a reliable business phone system. With a hosted PBX, remote workers will feel better connected with co-workers and be able to quickly setup audio conferences and meetings. That’s because all employees, both remotely and on-site, will have the same features and be able to access everything from a mobile app.

How Does Cloud Telephony Work?


A cloud-based phone system is software hosted PBX service that’s all done on the cloud. You pay a subscription for the internet phone service. And the best part? There are not any wires or hardware equipment that’s needed. A hosted phone system operates using the internet, so all you need is a wireless connection, and you’re good to go! Because these systems run on an internet connection, you can conduct business operations out from anywhere at any time. So, whether an employee is working from home or on the go from a hotel or an airport, they can use their mobile device to connect to the company’s phone system and never miss an important call again.

And that’s not all! A hosted phone system will also help your company’s bottom line. With Zultys Cloud Services, there aren’t any large purchases you have to make upfront. We provide everything you need in just one convenient monthly bill. You also pay only for the services and features that you need, per-employee. So, features can easily be added or removed as the needs for your business change.

 Benefits of Hosted PBX for Remote Workers

You may have your doubts about letting your employees work remotely, but Zultys Cloud Services is an efficient solution for your remote teams. Especially for companies involved in sales and customer support.

Here are some reasons why these hosted phone systems can be beneficial to your remote employees:

1) Round-the-Clock Availability

Sales teams can continue to maintain their sales volumes from any part of the world, and customer support teams can sustain their workflow from anywhere, anytime.

SMS Bots offer automated replies to customers when you aren’t free. With this feature, none of your customers’ questions will go unanswered.

Another bonus for using a hosted phone system is agent availability tracking. You will know when your agent is available, along with the date and time. This comes in handy for remote teams because every agent takes calls from anywhere at any time. 

2) Switch Swiftly

Are you worried about losing business while transitioning to remote work? Are you afraid a hosted PBX could cause you to miss important calls? Don’t be! Switching to a business phone system is an easy process!

You can opt to port your number from your existing provider to your new provider. With a cloud phone system, you can set outbound caller IDs for your new numbers. So, when you make calls to customers during the switching process, the caller ID on the receiver’s end will show your existing phone number.

You can also keep your existing number active during the process. Any calls you get will be transferred to the new provider. This will help make sure you don’t miss any important calls from customers while the switch is taking place.

3) Simplified Access with Mobile Apps

A really great benefit of a cloud phone system is the easy access to mobile apps. You won’t have to be tied to your desk on your computer, you can use mobile apps to achieve your work. So, remote workers will have the same features of the office phone system, like total call control, office directory, IM, and much more.

4) Performance Tracking

Inside a formal work setting, you can’t always see what your team is up to. Keep an eye on what your employees are doing with call monitoring and analytics dashboard. You’ll be able to easily keep track of your remote sales and support teams. You can see the number of calls every employee is making along with the number of hours they’ve put in. You’ll even be able to see the number of calls they’ve made, received, and missed. You can even listen to call recordings to make sure everyone is working efficiently while working remotely.

5) Integrations

Zultys Cloud Services will maintain a steady flow of operations by integrating everything into one powerful communications platform. Your voice, instant messaging, email, video, web conferencing will be seamlessly integrated to work with your office phones, smartphones, tablets, and computers. So all of your employees, both remotely and onsite, will be able to connect 24/7 from anywhere.

6) Simple Setup

The setup is quick and easy. As you make the shift to a cloud-based business phone system, we will make adjustments to fit the needs of your company. Zultys admin interface enables user management, monitoring, and making changes to your service. We will get everything up and running very quickly. And, we can easily add phones and services as your business grows.

The Best Cloud Telephony System with Ideacom NC

Companies today can adapt to a rising and ever-changing workforce. Whether employees are working from home, or in the office, modern communications, like cloud hosted PBX, will guarantee motivated employees. At Ideacom NC, we understand that every team has its own set of requirements. That’s why we offer customized services designed to fit the exact needs of your company. As the workforce continues to evolve, we can help you provide the tools and integrated solutions for increased communication across the entire time. Don’t leave your employees out of the loop. Get the right communication for your team today! Call us today for a quote at (336) 854-4455.

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