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What is Call Screening?

Call screening is an intuitive service that allows call recipients to see incoming phone numbers and their accompanying names and filter these calls before answering them. And in recent years, with the booming popularity of hosted phones and VoIP technology, these features have only grown more expansive. Now, these internet-based phone systems have the capability of seamlessly handling and re-routing phone calls when you don’t have the time.

These services are a fantastic way for smaller businesses and large corporations to handle their call flows effectively, reducing interruptions and significantly improving efficiency.

But how does it work? Call screening can come in numerous variations based on the company that programs it. For example, some systems only feature a do-no-disturb feature, while others can display caller information and automatically forward calls based on the time of day. Some can even automatically route calls to agents in other zip codes or countries.

When you receive a call, a series of databases that store numerous telephone carriers’ names and phone numbers are cross-referenced to identify the individual making the call. It then sends this information to your telephone unit or connected computer. And with the power of VoIP, these calls can be automatically forwarded, re-routed, or sent to voicemail without the need for any human intervention!


Call Screening Features to Keep an Eye Out For

While standard caller ID setups simply show incoming phone numbers, more sophisticated business phone systems have a host of advanced capabilities. These include:

• Advanced call forwarding and routing capabilities.

Some phone systems can be programmed to automatically forward and re-route calls from certain areas or zip codes. This is a great benefit for large companies that work over numerous time zones as their incoming call flow can be appropriately re-routed depending on the time of day.

• Remote Call Forwarding

Remote forwarding allows users to have incoming calls automatically re-routed to another predetermined number. This feature is fantastic for those that often find themselves out of office. With minimal hassle, one can arrange to have all their calls automatically re-routed to their mobile lines, keeping them in touch with their staff even when they can’t be physically present.

• Call Blocking

Robocalls and unwanted solicitations are the banes of many businesses. But with call blocking, advanced phone systems can quickly identify and remove these troublesome calls from the call queue and automatically restrict them from calling again.

• Do Not Disturb

Do not disturb features gives users the power to forward all their calls to voicemail if they’re not available. This service can also be customized to work on a scheduled basis, allowing companies to automatically re-route calls to voicemail after business hours.

• Text-to-Speech Messaging

This feature allows agents to send a default or customized message to incoming callers when they’re not available. This message will then be read out to the incoming caller.

• Automatic Callback

Automatic Callback features allow callers on busy lines to schedule a return call at their convenience. This drastically cuts down on the number of people waiting on hold and makes waiting for a representative more stress-free for customers.


The Benefits of Call Screening

Call screening is an incredibly useful telecommunications tool that can streamline logistics, develop communications, and improve overall customer experiences. But let’s take a closer look at some of the most significant benefits to these advanced business phones feature:

1. Prioritizing Incoming Calls

Syncing contact lists to VoIP services allows users to accept incoming calls from known callers while redirecting others to voicemail.

2. Increases Overall Productivity

With many workplace distractions removed by call screening features, staff can concentrate on the core parts of their daily tasks.

3. Decreases Spam

Everyone’s received that call for their car’s extended warranty, even at work. Put a stop to those nonsensical, time-wasting phone calls with the power of call screening.

4. Improves Caller Experiences

The days of customers waiting on hold for hours on end are over. With features like an automatic callback, users can now schedule calls ahead of time, removing the need for long waits and lengthy call queues.

5. Automatic Missed Call Storage

You’ll never have to worry about a missed call again! With this feature, your missed calls will automatically be saved to a database for easy playback.

6. Increased Internal Communications

With advanced call screening features like automatic call forwarding and re-routing, your business will no longer need to deal with interruptions from misplaced phone calls.

7. Improved Availability

Now, staff can be available no matter where they are. With compatible smartphone hardware, users can set their VoIP call to automatically re-route to their mobile line.


Call Screening Best Practices

Advanced call screening functionalities can only do so much! To properly function, your business needs to implement a set of best practices to ensure streamlined functionality. These include:

  • A robust CRM software integration system for access to customer history
  • Evenly distributed call paths so keep a handful of agents from taking the brunt of calls.
  • Voicemail notifications set to avoid missed messages
  • A clear IVR system that features well-organized call menus so that customers will connect to the proper departments.
  • An escalation matrix for higher priority support issues
  • Omnichannel support to cut down on many phone calls.


Supercharge your Business Communications with IDEaCOM NC Business Phone Services

Call screening services are a handy tool that has allowed modern companies to make considerable strides in streamlining their business and their internal communications. With features like automatic call routing, forwarding, and blocking, your staff will be able to help important customers while reducing spam and unwanted calls. These advanced systems also allow users to schedule route calls at specific times and organize automatic callbacks to minimize customer hold times.

No matter your need, IDeAComNC is North Carolina’s go-to business technology and communications solution. With years of experience in providing customers across the state with valuable, turnkey solutions for their business needs, we have the tools and skills to help you! Whether you need to upgrade your business phones, PBX system,  or you plan to install state-of-the-art cameras and surveillance systems, we have the answer! Give us a call today at (336) 854-4455 and let our team of knowledgeable professionals assist you in supercharging your business communications!

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