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As a business owner, you understand how crucial it is to have a fully functional, reliable means of communication between employees, partners, and clients. Moreover, out of all the decisions you make during a workday, finding the best business phone system for your business is one of the most important.

There are several options to choose from, each with their own set of pros and cons. To help you make the right decision for the future of your organization, we’ve provided some information about landlines and VoIP phone systems.

How Different Phone Systems Work

When you think of a phone system, what do you see? Two people talking on the phone? If so, have you ever wondered how they’re able to speak to one another in two different places? In this section, we’re going to compare the way landline phones work and the way VoIP phones work.

Landlines –

Panasonic L0594499

Landlines are mainly connected through wires and cables. To connect the phones, copper wires are run underground, thus connecting one landline phone to the next, and the next, and so on.

The phone calls then go through a process known as “circuit switching”; this is where a call is transmitted through several local, national, or worldwide switches.

VoIP –

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Also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol, this phone system uses your internet connection to both make and receive phone calls. Your voice is transmitted over the internet to the other line as data.

Because it relies on a stable internet connection, your phone calls can reach anyone in the world as long as the connection is stable. So the best part? You can do all this on your cell phone, office phone, laptop, iPad, or most any device.

Business VoIP Phone System Capabilities

If you prefer to have control over your phone system and the way it functions, a VoIP phone is the best choice for you. This type of business phone system gives you access to several features and capabilities that landlines never offered.

Keep in mind, the availability of some features will depend on your provider and the plan you purchase. A few of these features include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Auto-attendant
  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording
  • Voicemail to email/text
  • Business integration
  • Soft-phone capabilities

Pros and Cons

Landline Phones –


  • Better 911 Response – Unlike VoIP phones, your address will immediately appear on the screen of a 911 operator when using a landline. This not only saves time, but it could save a life.
  • Backup During Natural Disasters – Since a landline is connected through wires instead of an internet connection, it will continue to work correctly during natural disasters and power outages.
  • Reliability and Sound Quality – These factors correspond to the connection you have, and since a landline connection is rarely interrupted, your sound quality and reliability are excellent.
  • Security – It is much harder for hackers to gain access to your system with a landline phone.


  • The overall cost of a landline is far more than other communication systems.
  • Landlines are more susceptible to spam calls.

VoIP Phones –


  • Inexpensive – Business VoIP systems cost much less than a landline, depending on your provider and plan. They also require very i
  • Increased Portability – You can make and receive calls from all over the world as long as you have a good connection. You never have to worry about missing a phone call again!
  • Additional Features – We like to refer to VoIP phone systems as “feature-rich” since they have a wider variety of features and capabilities.


  • Sound Quality and Reliability – If you experience any issues or interruptions with your internet connection, it will affect your overall sound quality and connection.
  • Susceptibility – Since this system type is connected through the internet, it is more susceptible to hackers and viruses.
  • Reliance on Computers – Your calls can experience something called a power drain if your computer’s processing power is not efficient.
  • Compatibility – Some business VoIP systems will only connect to others who have the same software.

Landline Prices vs. VoIP Prices

Do you have a landline? Look at your most recent bill. It probably isn’t cheap. Trying to save money with a landline can be quite tricky; between setup fees and monthly bills for each line, expenses can add up.

Also, on top of that, if you desire more features, you will have to install a PBX; on top of spending a few thousand dollars for the system, it requires a professional to be setup.

When it comes to the cost of VoIP phone services, they are much more pocket-friendly than landlines. With only one small monthly fee (depending on your plan and provider) and no setup costs, you can have as many lines as you desire or need as well as features. Overall, you can continue to save money while having a more extensive range of capabilities.

Choose IDeACOM NC for Your New VoIP Phone System

Based out of Kernersville, North Carolina, IDeACOM NC is proud to be your #1 local source for all technology and business communication needs. We don’t just provide you with products and services; we provide you with solutions. No matter what your need may be, we guarantee that we’ll have exactly what you’re looking for.

If you would like more information regarding our VoIP business phone systems or other available products, feel free to contact us today at ☎ (336)854-4455. Let us help you build a successful business with a new-and-improved communication solution.

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