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VoIP Phone Systems: Making Your Business More Productive

VoIP Phones are a common technology in many businesses these days. Digital communication forms have replaced most old, outdated landline systems due to ease of use, customer service, and cost-efficiency.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, systems work by converting your voice from an analog signal into digital packets of data that are then transmitted over an internet connection to the recipient. Companies have been using this technology for some time, seeing advantages in efficiency while reducing operational costs. Additionally, the flexibility VoIP phone systems offer makes it an excellent option for evolving businesses. Below, we’ve listed a few of the most essential features:

  • Unlimited Calling
  • HD Voice Quality
  • Voicemail-to-Email
  • Smartphone Functionality
  • Call Queuing
  • Online Faxing
  • Auto Attendant Service
  • Text (SMS) and Instant Messaging
  • CRM Integration


The IPECS 1000i Series: Bring an Evolution to Your Business Phone System

Using VoIP technology, the IPECS 1000i phones are a sleek, versatile telecommunications devices designed to streamline office communications and make your business run smoothly. The 1000i features an intuitive interface, making operation a breeze even for newcomers. It also grants users superior HD voice quality, maintaining a crystal-clear connection that keeps your communications flawless!

The future of audio and video communications lies in the digital realm. And the 1000i Series is designed to meet it in terms of scalability. With the ability to add as much hardware as you need, your business can be ready for expansion should it need to grow.

There are numerous other advantages to using VoIP technology for business, aside from easy operation and scalability:

• A Match to Meet Your Needs

The 1000i Series is a versatile telecommunications device created to meet the communication needs of businesses in the digital age. With an intuitive interface and HD video capabilities, this model stands above the competition as a great way to improve your team’s workflow.

• UC Integration

This model offers easy integration with iPECS Unified Communications systems, allowing you to bundle your audio, voice, messaging, and email all under one roof. These systems help you conduct business and communicate efficiently regardless of which type of communication channel you use.

• Easy Setup

The 1000i Series is designed to simplify the setup process, allowing you to avoid headaches and get to work faster!


Choosing the Right 1000i Series for Your Business

After deciding to move to a 1000i Series digital telephone system powered by VoIP technology, it’s time to decide which model is the best fit for your business needs. Whether you’re looking for a more user-friendly experience with an intuitive interface, or a model that excels in security and possesses cloud-based features for on-premise users, there is a model for you:

1. 1080i

7 inch full-color HD backlit touch display

48 programmable keys

Supports Android 10 with a multitude of different apps from Google Play Store

720p 8 megapixel camera for video calls

1 HDMI Port

1 USB Port

Bluetooth connectivity

2. 1050i

8 Line 4.3” (480×272) Color Display

Up to 36 programmable keys with

HD audio capabilities for both handset and speaker

Dual ethernet ports

1 USB port for accessories and mobile device charging

Full Duplex speakerphone with wideband voice

3. 1040i

6 Line 3.5 Inch Color Display (480×320)

24 Programmable keys

HD Audio for both handset and speaker

Dual ethernet ports

1 USB port for accessories or mobile devices

4. 1030i

6 line 2.8 inch color display

18 programmable keys

HD audio capabilities for both handset and speaker

Duplex speakerphone with wideband voice

Dual ethernet ports

5. 1010i

4 Line 2.4 inch black and white display

4 programmable keys

HD Audio for both handset and speaker

Duplex speakerphone with wideband voice


1000i Series Handsets: Welcome to the Future of VoIP Phone Systems

1000i Series handsets are a modern, stylish selection of IP-based phones built to suit almost any need. With the added flexibility to expand and evolve to keep up with your business, you can’t go wrong! Here are some finer details regarding each model:

1. 1080i

The 1080i is the flagship model of the 1000i Series. It’s designed with a 7-inch HD backlit touch display that supports Android 10 and features up to 49 programmable buttons. Combined with both HDMI and USB ports, Bluetooth capabilities, and built-in WiFi, this device is a one-stop shop when it comes to communications.

2. 1050i

The 1050i features a large, full-color backlit display and a significant number of user-programmable buttons. This device is designed to store an extensive amount of favorites for easy access. If your business needs to maximize efficiency for phone calls, this is the right choice for you!

3. 1040i

This model is designed for the individual professional, with a great blend of programmable buttons and features that’s ideal for any desk-based employee. Combined with a large color display, this phone is an outstanding choice for a smaller business!


The 1030i is a great model for the office employee that spends a lot of time on the phone. It boasts a full color, backlit display with programmable keys and a ton of extra features.

5. 1010i

This phone serves as an entry-level model that’s perfect for lower-use areas where larger screens and user-programmable keys are unnecessary. The 1010i is ideal for unmanned lobbies or reception areas.


Call IDeACOM for More Information on iPECS 1000i Series Phones

The 1000i Series of VoIP phones are an excellent choice for business professionals of all types. Whether you’re a larger business needing numerous lines, features, and devices, or a smaller enterprise that hopes to maximize efficiency and cost, the 1000i Series is the solution for you!

The future is digital, and you don’t want to be caught by the wayside of the technological highway! So, ditch the outdated landline services and try VoIP-based technology. With features to suit any business, you can’t go wrong!

And IDeACOM is proud to help you research, sell, install, and maintain 1000i Series models or any hosted phone service. We provide a vast range of communications solutions for businesses, including PBX systems, networking support, consulting, and IT-based services. With over 60 years of experience, IDeACOM’s team are experts in their field and dedicated to bringing you the best solution for any business need. Call us today at (336) 854-4455.

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