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Are you prepared to handle a company emergency? Do you have a plan in place for how you are going to safely notify your employees if there is trouble? At IdeaCom NC, we have a simple solution to all your needs – StaffAlerter.

StaffAlerter was originally designed to be used in schools, but now that technology can easily be customized to send any type of notification to anyone you need it to go to. This is a powerful communication system that can be used to alert students and parents, but it can also be used to notify employees, customers, patients, and other groups. It’s also gaining popularity in retail stores, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and more.

Keep reading to see how IdeaCom NC can provide you with the one and only communication solution you need to keep your staff safe.

Can You Alert Your Staff During an Emergency?

Are you able to notify your personnel during a crisis so they can take action? What if there were a suspicious person, a bomb threat, an active shooter, a hazardous materials situation, or a change in a big event? What if a humidity sensor went off in a server room, which means a machine could be damaged? These are all examples of instances where you would quickly want to get the word out. StaffAlerter can help you spread the message fast.

StaffAlerter is a completely customizable Mass Alerting system that will allow you to notify personnel that you have selected. And the best part? There are several different notification methods. You can use text messages, emails, an automated voice call with text to speech, social media, application alert, or a combination of all alerts.

3 Important Responsibilities of StaffAlerter

Mass Alert Systems have been around since the 1980s, so the technology isn’t new. However, these traditional systems have limited functionality, they often come with complex integration, they are pretty costly, and they usually don’t integrate with a wide range of input and output options. Not StaffAlerter! This is a newly crafted Mass Alert system that can be configured with multiple events, can easily integrate with any PBX system, and is simple to use.

StaffAlerter is better than the other Emergency Notification Systems out there because it combines three important functions together:

  1. Detect

There are different conditions that can be monitored on a StaffAlerter Notification System. Everything from weather conditions, open doors, IT equipment alarms, and more. If you need a system that can detect activity, then StaffAlerter is a great option.

  1. Alert

Alerting staff has never been easier. You can use the web portal to easily pre-record messages, texts, or create an ad hoc message. You’ll be able to alert callers with a single call, but that’s not all. With StaffAlerter, you can also send out alerts to mobile devices, send alerts to TV screens on the premise, send notifications through email, access the control of your doors, and more. You can easily inform a number of people or as many groups as you need to from one simple system.

  1. Respond

Not only can you alert your staff to any threats, but you can also respond to them. StaffAlerter makes it easy for you to start or stop equipment, activate alarm systems, and more. You will be able to create web buttons for the areas that you want to control and respond to.

How Does StaffAlerter Work?

StaffAlerter is extremely customizable and flexible. It can work with any PBX system and can even control multiple locations at once. So, if you have several locations, your alerts can be sent to all facilities at the same time. All of this communication is possible through a three-layer command and control system that has been put into place. Let’s dive deeper into what those layers mean:

  1. Physical Layer

This is located on the premise of your building and is connected to Wi-Fi or cellular networks. You’ll be able to send out alerts to staff, control outputs, and communicate with other StaffAlerter appliances on the network. No matter how many locations you have, you just need one physical location for the physical layer.

  1. Web Control Layer

This is a URL portal where you’ll be able to create and manage alerts. This is extremely easy and convenient because you can access this from any device that has web access.

  1. Cloud Layer

With Cloud Action Keys, you won’t have to worry about your system failing. The StaffAlerter Cloud is designed for 24/7 capability. Power failures, network outages, or disasters won’t leave you without the ability to communicate. You can operate from any cell network with this Cloud Layer. With StaffAlerter, you have peace of mind knowing you can keep your employees safe regardless of your facility’s power or network status.

Who Can Benefit from StaffAlerter?

As we mentioned earlier, Mass Alert Systems were first designed with school communication in mind. Over time, the popularity of these systems has grown.

Here are some industries that utilize StaffAlerter:

Hospitality industry

  • Alert hospitality workers if there is an emergency
  • Door monitoring


  • Use texting, email, and calls to alert teachers and staff
  • Use the audio-visual option to broadcast alerts on monitors in loud hallways

Assisted living facilities

  • Resident notifications
  • Facility monitoring


  • Production monitoring
  • Security monitoring

Simplify Your Employee Communication with IdeaCom NC

IdeaCom NC is proud to be an authorized partner with StaffAlerter. We have over 60 years in providing the best unified communications in North Carolina. We truly believe in our services, and we know that StaffAlerter is the answer to your group notification needs.

Whether it is a refrigeration failure, active shooter, or event change, you need a reliable product that can get the word out. Let us show you why StaffAlerter is better than the current Emergency Notification Systems out there. What are you waiting for? Call IdeaCom NC  (336) 854-4455 today and start getting serious about your command-and-control system.

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