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Where You Store Your Data Matters

The average cost of data center downtime is $5,600 per minute


93% of enterprises that have data center downtime for 10+ days file for bankruptcy within a year


64% of organizations engage in some form of colocation services

Server Hosting and Colocation Services from IDeACOM® NC

Servers come at a cost. Aside from the hardware and software, you have power, cooling, security and more to manage. The solution? Invest in server hosting and colocation services. Whether you’re looking to house your data in the cloud or in our secure data center, IDeACOM® NC reduces operational exposure and minimizes expenses while delivering high performance and security.

Our server hosting and colocation services enhance the security of your data with a range of physical and cybersecurity measures. Enjoy first-class system reliability, connectivity and uptime without the stress of managing your infrastructure in-house. Plus, if you experience an issue with your local systems, you can relax knowing that your business will continue running uninterrupted.

See how server hosting impacts your business.

Let’s talk about your options for securing your data.

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