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Non-Profit Discounts on Phone Systems

Non-profits hold a special in our hearts due to their incredible service to the community. We support a variety of them by offering our time, donations, and discounts whenever possible. Business phone services are a particular item that we can make a difference with, especially for non-profits who have tight budgets.

All 501(c) (3) organizations get an automatic 25% discount off our already very competitive monthly service fee. This can save hundreds or even thousands per year and make a real difference to these organizations.

Our lifetime warranty on handsets and no service fees also help non-profits stay on budget and eliminate those extra charges so common with other phone providers.

Be sure to mention you are a qualified non-profit when requesting your proposal so the discounts can be applied.

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Phone Services Best Suited for Non-Profits

We recognize and value the role non-profit organizations play in our community, often as a last-resort provider of critical services to those in desperate need. We demonstrate our commitment to you by providing these discount pricing programs and free extended warranties for qualified 501© (3) organizations.

What You Should Look for In a Business Phone System?

What you should be looking for in a new phone system will vary significantly on the size of your organization. A small charity with a team of 2 to 3 people will have different office needs than those compared to a large food bank, which has more employees and massive distribution. Because of this, business phone systems for nonprofits should have a variety of distinct features that can meet multiple needs.

Video and Web Conferencing

Businesses and technology are constantly changing, evolving to meet the new requirements of society. With these new conferencing features, you can speak with clients, potential customers, coworkers, employees, and business partners nearby or across the globe.

Automated Attendant

It can be hard to keep up with the number of incoming calls your organization experiences, but with automated attendants, you can now have the personal assistant you’ve always needed. You will no longer be missing phone calls, conferences, or emails.


Instant Messaging

With this feature, you can now send messages to your business partners, employees, or clients through a straightforward click of a button. If you are unable to make or receive calls, this feature is an excellent option.

Call Hold and Forwarding

This feature allows you to forward all phone calls to a direct line or employee while in or out of the office. You can also place a call on hold, no matter what situation you may be in.

How VoIP Systems Can Help You Cut Costs

As a nonprofit organization, you are probably familiar with working within the confines of a smaller budget, so it’s crucial to make use of a VoIP phone service that will help communicate effectively. VoIP phone systems use the internet to function rather than cables and wires; therefore, reducing the maintenance and labor costs each month.

Other Services

Network Cabling

IDeACOM® NC is a leading provider of Network Cabling, specialized cable services include in Structured Cabling, Wiring, and Fiber Optic Cable Installation.

IT System Management

IDeACOM® NC specializes in providing on-site computer repair, networking, and IT system management services that are convenient and reliable.

Training and Support

IDeACOM® NC provide on-site training with staff members and additional training for the individual you select to be your system administrator.

Evaluate Your Needs as a Non-Profit

To evaluate the needs of your organization, you should first determine the types of communication that occur within the business. You should also watch for an integrated approach to communications that could increase the efficiency of your nonprofit.

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