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Are You Using Email To Its Highest Potential?

Your Inbox Holds More Information Than You Realize


80% of companies think it’s extremely important to find email information quickly


Almost 2/3 of companies are worried about their organization losing sensitive data in their inbox


Microsoft Exchange Server and Office 365 account for 51% of worldwide mailboxes in the business email market

Microsoft Email Hosting from IDeACOM® NC

Email remains the hub of business communication and making sure it stays up and running should be a top priority. So why not optimize it? IDeACOM® NC has the Microsoft® email hosting solutions you need to make sure your email is running at the top of its capabilities, keeping your first line of communication running at its best.

From team collaboration to expert support and guidance, Microsoft email hosting solutions from IDeACOM® NC make sure you’re getting the most out of your inbox from setup and management to ongoing support. Too many businesses aren’t making the most of their email. You don’t have to be one of them.

See how Microsoft email hosting impacts your business.

Let us help you uncover new opportunities hiding
your inbox.

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