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IDeACOM NC is honored to have been featured in both the September and December 2018 issues of the Kernersville Magazine. We were excited to have the magazine inform its readers about IDeACOM NC and our unique technology and communication solutions for local and state-wide companies, as well as those provided by our sister company ITS (Innovative Technology Solutions).

About Kernersville Magazine

Kernersville Magazine is devoted to showcasing local people, events, and businesses that are symbolic to the community. Its monthly issues present readers with unique business profiles and resources to help them learn about the Kernersville community. The goal for the Kernersville Magazine is to reflect the pride that Kernersville residents have in their community.

Both IDeACOM NC and Innovative Technology Solutions (ITS) are right at the doorstep of Kernersville, and we’re proud to offer local communication services within a nationwide network of providers.

September 2018 Feature

In their September issue of 2018, the Kernersville Magazine wrote about the mission for IDeACOM and the commitment we have to our customers. We take time to understand every aspect of our client’s business so that we can help them take their business to the next level.

Kernersville Magazine September 2018Kernersville Magazine also wrote about one of our loyal customers who has done business with us since 2015. MSG was struck by a tornado in April of 2018. John Thomas, President of IDeACOM NC, and Brad Ader, VP, opened their doors to MSG until they could relocate their call center. Working together, the two companies developed and initiated a plan to get MSG back on track. Warren Sweeney, the owner of MSG services, made this statement:

“Using IDeACOM NC as our phone system provider was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We are truly grateful to them.”

This statement portrays the loyalty we share with our customers. Our customers are family to us, and no matter what their situation may be, we always find the perfect solution to their problem.

Read the full Kernersville Magazine – September 2018 edition here.

December 2018 Feature

The Kernersville Magazine featured IDeACOM NC in their 2018 December issue along with a sister company, Innovative Technology Solutions (ITS). They acknowledged the Triad’s prosperous year — more people, more businesses, and more happenings. IDeACOM and ITS are proud to be part of such a wonderful year for the community. For 16 years now, John Thomas, Brad Ader, and Christ Bond have been helping businesses throughout the Triad grow and prosper. For the past 5 years, IDeACOM NC has been ranked #1 out of 130 franchises nationwide.

Some of the services IDeACOM NC and ITS offer to our customers include IT services, phone services, voice and data cabling, Staff Alerter, and much more. Good communication is key to having a successful business, and our services provide nothing less. Read the full Kernersville Magzine – December 2018 edition here.

IDeACOM NC and ITS Products

No two businesses are alike, and neither are their customers; this is why we take our time to truly understand your needs and find the perfect communication solution for you, providing security, reliability, support, and compliance. What more could you need or want?

Our business phone systems are designed specifically for unique business needs; whether it be better conference calls, a new voicemail system, or an updated paging system. With our phone systems, such as VoIP and PBX, your company can be better connected and more productive.

Data cabling is crucial to a company as it carries the lifeline of your business — information. With one of our cabling options, your information can be delivered throughout your business when you need it.

If you’re in charge of keeping your staff and customers informed with up-to-date information, the Staff Alerter is perfect for you! This system guarantees your information will be delivered, no matter the status of your network or power.

One of our representatives can provide you with more information on the listed products and others we offer to our customers. Contact us today or visit our website!

Why Choose IDeACOM NC?Ideacom of Central North Carolina

IDeACOM NC is the future of technology solutions. From network cabling services to business phone services, we provide solutions for businesses of all levels. We proudly serve the state of North Carolina from the coast to the mountains.

We personalize each system for our clients to meet all their unique needs and their budget. And the best part is IDeACOM NC will always be here, even after your new system is installed, to provide support when needed!

Contact us today at ☎ (336) 854-4455 or fill out the form here to grow your business with better communications and up-to-date technology!

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