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Hosted PBX

Are you looking for a reliable and cost-effective hosted phone service? Get the best-hosted phones from a leading cloud-based phone provider. We are specialized in hosted phone systems such as hosted PBX, cloud phones, and virtual PBX systems.

 Hosted Phone System 

Hosted PBX is similar to on-premise, except a PBX provider operates and maintains all your services as well as features. As your hosted PBX partner we take care of all your hardware, software, training, maintenance and more off-site procedures. 

Not only do we provide the technology and communication solutions you need, but we’re local! Located in Kernersville, North Carolina.

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Features of Hosted Phone

Unlike the traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems, a hosted phone system does not require large upfront investments or ongoing maintenance as it’s cloud-based and accessible through an IP network. For this very reason and many more, hosted phone systems are becoming a popular way of communication for growing small, medium-sized, and enterprise-level companies.

Reduce Your Costs

Just pay one monthly bill and your PBX provider will take care of the rest. Research has found that hosted PBX systems are estimated to have saved businesses
up to 60% of their overall expenses.


Your customers will automatically trust you when you present them with a professional-sounding telephone solution. The best way to make a good connection with others is through good communication.



Hosted phone systems have the ability to grow with your business. Unlike other communication solutions, the process of adding new features and services to your hosted system is hassle-free.


There is no on-site infrastructure needed for hosted PBX phone systems, making it easier for companies to upgrade their features or scale their system to meet the needs of the business.

High Call Capacity

This benefits several small businesses as it helps you to handle higher call volumes without having to add staff members. Your calls can also be answered or transferred to any extension or location with ease.


If a data center goes down, your calls will immediately be directed to another center. And if you are out of the office or on a business trip, you can still receive calls or transfer them to a specified number or device.

Choose from the Best Hosted Phone Systems

How much longer will your business survive on an outdated phone system? If you plan to continue growing your business, you need to take all your options into consideration. Hosted PBX is similar to on-premise, except a PBX provider operates and maintains all your services as well as features. And having the right provider will make a huge difference in the quality and functionality of your phone system.

iPECS Phones

Zultys Cloud Services

With Zultys Cloud Services, you get secure and reliable, enterprise-class service without the enterprise-class cost. We put everything in the cloud, so there is less to manage, and it is “future proof” with additional features and functionality immediately available as developed.

iPECS Phones


8×8 cloud solutions help businesses transform their customer and employee experience. With one system of engagement for voice, video, collaboration and contact center and one system of intelligence on one technology platform.

iPECS Phones

Intermedia Unite

It’s time for Intermedia Unite—the all-in-one communications solution that brings together phone, chat, video, meetings, and file collaboration, giving you the freedom to be more productive, collaborative, mobile, and efficient no matter where you are, no matter when.

iPECS Phones

Ringcentral Cloud

Your business communications are about to get a lot easier with Ringcentral. Get an all-inclusive phone system with online meetings, messaging, and more. Built for small business offering big business benefits without the high cost.

Our Satisfied Customers

Nathan McGee

Businesses, small to large… churches, fire departments, you name it they all need IT and Phone Systems!!! Get the BEST of cabling, phone systems, IT Support and more from IDeACOM OF CENTRAL NORTH CAROLINA

Ken Menard

Great company…filled with great people. They care about your business needs and are straight shooters instead of sugar coating everything like other companies. I trust them 100% for all our phone and security camera needs.

Matt Hord

They installed a new phone system in our office. The phones are awesome, of high quality and work great. But the most impressive part was the customer service from the installers, set up team, the system trainers and the whole crew. If you’re business is in need of a better phone system call these guys they get it done.

Randall Gregory on Google

We have been doing business with Ideacom for 12+ years. When an electrical surge took out our old system, Ideacom came in with an emergency telephone system to keep us running.

They installed a new Zultys phone system. That system can do anything! If communication with your customers and clients is important to your business, Ideacom can deliver. Don’t be fooled by companies that overpromise and underdeliver.

Jason Tarkenton

Great company, and great service. Always prompt on issues, or just a simple greeting change

Advantages of Hosted Phones

When you invest in a new hosted PBX system for your business, you’re investing in a sophisticated phone system that you can count on. With the rapid advance of technology, hosted phones provide several features you can’t get with traditional analog PBX systems. Take a look at some of the available features below:


Call Monitoring and Call Recording


Extension Dialing and Mobility


Automated Attendant


Call Routing and Forwarding


Music On-Hold and PBX Hold

PBX System for Small Business

Is your business’s current phone system outdated? Has keeping up with your employees be a difficult task as of recent? Are your voicemails not transferring over to the right email or phone?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time for an upgrade. Whether you’re a small or medium-sized business owner, you shouldn’t be shelling out money for a phone system that is constantly letting you down. And if your company is at an enterprise level, there’s always room to improve!

PBX System for Home

When you work from home, it can be difficult for customers to reach you when you’re out of the office or on a trip, especially if you don’t have an updated phone system.

With a hosted PBX system for your home office, you can have all your calls routed to one number, making it easier for customers to reach you. You can also add certain features to your system that will allow you to multi-task, making household chores, meetings, and conference calls much easier.

Best Hosted Phone Provider in North Carolina

 If you’re ready to watch your business rise to the top with a new-and-improved hosted PBX phone system, reach out to us here at IDeACOM® NC, or call one of our representatives at ☎ (336) 854-4455. Focus on what matters most to you and let us handle everything else.

Cities we serve in the state of North Carolina

Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, Winston-Salem, Fayetteville, Cary, Wilmington, High Point, Kernersville, Greenville

Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, Winston-Salem, Fayetteville, Cary, Wilmington, High Point, Kernersville, Greenville

Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, Winston-Salem, Fayetteville, Cary, Wilmington, High Point, Kernersville, Greenville

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