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Let’s Cure Compliance Complexity

Not Maintaining Compliance Runs a High Risk

Healthcare has the 5th highest count of ransomware among all industries


75% of the entire healthcare industry was infected with malware in 2016


More than 50% of the healthcare industry has a network security score of a C or lower

HIPAA Compliance Solutions from IDeACOM® NC

IDeACOM® NC helps doctor’s and dentist’s offices, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare organizations implement and maintain fully-compliant data collection, transmission and storage solutions. Whether you’re looking for one-time compliance assistance or ongoing security management, our knowledgeable compliance experts will identify the most innovative and cost-effective ways to ensure that patient data is protected.

  Compliance planning and implementation
  Team security training
  System monitoring and testing
  Audits, reporting and breach notification

See how HIPAA compliance solutions impact your business.

Protect your patients and safeguard your sensitive health care information.

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