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Communication Disasters Businesses Contend With

Developing clear communication skills is a critical aspect of running a successful business. No matter what your business is or what services or products you provide, having good communication with your team plays a significant role in how efficiently you operate. And even with good communication tools handy, problems can still arise. Some of the most common communication issues in the workplace are:

• Cultural differences

Modern workplaces are far more diverse and accepting than in eras past. And for businesses that often handle many international clients and employees, developing new and engaging methods of bringing individuals of vastly different backgrounds and cultures together for a common goal.

Conducting cultural awareness training classes, team-building exercises, and providing educational tools for employees can help bring teams of varying backgrounds together. By educating your employees on cultural sensitivity, groups of people from different cultures will work together more cohesively.

• Listening skills

Listening skills are critical for teams to work well together. Without developing the skillset of taking in and retaining information quickly, team members and employees may face communication failures more often.

• Lack of motivation

It strikes us all at some point! But ensuring that your team is adequately motivated to complete tasks can speed up production, keep employees on task, and produce better results.

• Written communication skills

Many employees will need to use a wide variety of different communications systems. Therefore, conveying written information in a short, concise manner can significantly improve logistics and communication between departments. Business emails, SMS messages, and instant messages should always be quick and to the point. Additionally, peer review systems and allowing others to proofread messages and emails can reduce errors and communication issues.

• Appropriate communication tools

More often than not, in-person communication will be the most efficient way of communicating with team members and coworkers. Having the foresight to know which communication tool works best in any given scenario is an essential part of building good communication skills in your company.

• Oversharing

Despite full transparency working well for some organizations, some things aren’t always meant for everyone’s eyes and ears. Developing a sound system of discretion when handling sensitive aspects of the workplace will ensure that everyone can expect confidentiality regarding sensitive information.

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Types of Phone Systems to Help Businesses Avoid Communication Issues

One of the best ways of improving your business communications is by having a business phone that’s up to the challenge. Modern phone systems offer crystal clear audio, ensuring that your team is always in constant contact with no miscommunication. There are several different phone systems to choose from, each with its own advantages.

1. Multi-Line Phone Systems

A multi-line phone system is any phone setup that allows you to have several lines running through a single device. This will enable employees to answer calls simultaneously without worrying about the line being tied up. For smaller companies that only have a few employees, a multi-line system should be sufficient.

2. VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol phone systems, have quickly become one of the most popular phone setups in modern business. These phones work by using your internet connection and a VoIP service provider to send and receive audio data packets to and from recipients. Unlike landline phones, VoIP phones are incredibly flexible, allowing businesses of all sizes to use and expand their systems to match their needs.

3. PBX Phone Systems

A PBX or Private Branch Exchange is an internal phone system that allows businesses to route incoming and outgoing calls through a centralized network. PBX systems are a scalable, flexible, and incredibly cost-effective tool for internal business communications.

4. Cloud-Based Phone Systems

A cloud-based phone system removes all the hardware and places it in an off-site cloud service. This eliminates the need for complicated maintenance and hardware repairs since it’s all handled remotely. And much like other integrated systems, cloud-based phones are versatile and scalable to match your business needs.

What are the 8x8 Phone System Features

Business Phones from IDeACOM NC

IDeACOM is proud to provide cutting-edge phone systems that keep businesses running. No matter how small or large the organization, our specialists can find a system for you. But we understand if it might seem daunting at first! So, to help you, we’ve listed some of our most popular phone systems and more information about them.

1. Zultys Phones

Zultys Phones offers fully integrated communication systems and cloud services that are innovative, scalable, and reliable. These systems offer features like fully backlit displays, video, and audio conferencing features, programmable keys, ethernet, and headset ports, just to name a few!

2. Polycom Phones

Polycom offers a selection of VoIP phones that are engineered to integrate with the leading IP phone platforms, giving you reliable, ultra-high-quality service no matter where you are.

3. Vertical Systems

Vertical Phone Systems offer a series of sleek, sophisticated desk IP phone systems that feature crystal clear calling, advanced features and applications, open VPN support, programmable buttons and softkeys, and much more!

4. iPECS Phones

iPECS phones offer a wide range of telephone solutions for businesses of different sizes. With multiple options that range from small business phone systems to professional level terminals that feature, these systems are an excellent choice for any business.

5. Intermedia

With enterprise-grade calling features and incredible reliability, this PBX system is a fantastic way to keep your team connected no matter where they are. With mobile apps, advanced calling features, and 24/7 support, Intermedia has everything any business could need to stay in constant contact!

6. NEC Phone Systems

NEC Phones are some of the most easily configured phone systems on the market. NEC phones come with a suite of highly flexible systems, softphones, and terminals to allow your employees to contact one another quickly and efficiently. These systems will work on workstations, laptops, and even in the palm of your hand.

What is an 8x8 Phone System

The Benefits of Using Business Phones

No matter what type of business you run, having employees that can communicate quickly and strategically is one of the most fundamental aspects of success. But what are some of the benefits of using business phone systems to stay in contact?

1. Saving Time and Money

Did you know that streamlining inter-office communications can improve logistics, morale, and profits?

2. A One-Stop-Shop

Modern VoIP and cloud-based phone systems are the veritable Swiss army knives of business communications. With a comprehensive suite of features that brings email, instant messaging, SMS, and video conferencing all under one roof, your employees will always be in the loop.

3. Professionalism

Projecting a professional image is a big part of conducting good business. And having phone systems that are capable of handling your entire company is a crucial aspect of that. You don’t want your customers getting a busy signal when they call. Having automatic attendants and call forwarding and answering services will allow you to stay in touch with potential clients and look professional while doing it.

4. Maintaining Privacy

Team members that use their personal cell phones to conduct business risk exposing essential user data to potential thieves. A cloud-based or VoIP phone system will keep your customer’s sensitive information safe from hackers and security breaches.

5. A Hub for Communication

By switching your phone system over to VoIP or cloud-based models, you and your team are now capable of seamlessly communicating over multiple types of platforms. With these modern phone systems, email, instant messaging, SMS messaging, and video conferencing are all brought under one roof.


Looking for a Solution to Your Business Phone Woes? IDeACOM NC Can Help!

No matter where in the Tar Heel State you call home, IDeACOMNC is your one-stop-shop for all your business communication and technology needs. From VoIP and PBX phone systems to technology consulting services, we have the skills to help you prepare your business for the future. Are you looking for surveillance systems for your new business office? We can help! How about professional IT services? We do that too! Hosted phones? We’ll handle it!

Whether you’re a new startup or part of an already established company, we have the experience and skill to get the job done right. Give us a call today at (336) 854-4455 and let our team members help you stay on the cutting edge of business tech!

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