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Maintain Your Best When The Worst Happens

Are you willing to risk your business?


The percentage of SMBs with disaster recovery services in place


The survival rate for companies without a disaster recovery plan

The estimated cost of one hour of downtime

Disaster Recovery Services from IDeACOM® NC

Your data is the lifeline of your business. So how long would your doors stay open without it? The truth is disasters – manmade or natural – can happen at any time, and only businesses with a backup plan will withstand them. As your disaster recovery support provider, we ensure that your data is easily retrievable in the event of a breach or natural disaster.

Our disaster recovery services minimize your downtime and help you resume your operations within minutes of an incident – not hours or weeks. Protecting your data also keeps you in compliance with data privacy regulations and shields your reputation as a trustworthy company. Disasters happen, but what happens after a disaster is up to you. Minimize your risk with IDeACOM® NC disaster recovery solutions.

See how disaster recovery support benefits your business.

Weather any storm with IDeACOM® NC

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