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Get Enhanced Access, Flexibility And Virtual Storage

Applications Are a Necessity, So Is Security

The average employee uses 36 cloud services at work

The average enterprise uses 76 distinct file sharing cloud services


18% of files uploaded to cloud-based file sharing services contain sensitive data

Cloud Application Hosting from IDeACOM® NC

With IDeACOM® NC as your cloud application hosting provider, we’ll deploy and manage your software on a secure cloud platform. Now, your applications are available on demand to as many users as you need. Your team will be able to access the applications they need at any time, virtually, from a desktop, laptop and even mobile devices.

Cloud hosting allows you to enhance data security with redundancy, extend the lifecycle of your software and improve your overall mobility and productivity. Plus, you’ll save money by avoiding the ever-expanding costs of individual software licenses and the additional infrastructure needed to support more users.

See how cloud hosting services impact your business.

Look no further for scalable and reliable
application hosting.

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