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What is a Business Phone System?

While you may not realize it now, a new business phone system can make drastic improvements to your business. You may be wondering what a business telephone system is, and it’s simple! A business phone system allows companies and other organizations to improve their communication between clients and colleagues.

Types of Business Telephone Systems

Phone systems are no longer being used to make and receive phone calls. With today’s technological advances, companies now have a variety of phone office phone systems and features to choose from for their business.

  • PBXPBX systems or private branch exchange system is a centralized telephone network that connects people with an organization. This system is best for medium to enterprise-level businesses as it doesn’t rely on the internet to function.
  • VoIP – The Voice over Internet Protocol system allows organizations to make voice calls with a reliable, high-speed internet connection. With this network, you also have the choice of on-premise VoIP, hosted VoIP, or virtual VoIP.
  • Virtual – Also known as the “soft-phone,” this network is a browser-based, internet-dependent software. While it’s affordable, easy to install and easy to use, it isn’t fully-featured as the other systems are. This option is best suited for smaller businesses that are on tight budget.

Features of Office Phone Systems

  • Convenience (and low cost) of the Cloud – Whether you’re starting a new business or transforming a current one, you don’t want to spend more money than what’s necessary. With the cloud software, there’s no more worrying about upgrades, maintenance, repairs, or technical setup as it’s all handled by the host.
  • Cost-Effective Local and International Communication – The VoIP system utilizes the same connection your business already has to get online. The savings your organization experiences is about much more than service or installation fees. This system allows you to save a significant portion of your expenses on both local and international communications.
  • International Numbers – People are more likely to answer a phone call from an unknown number if it has a local area code. Some networks offered through the cloud allow you to pick numbers from areas other than where your business is located. This way, you can call international clientele with an area code from their territory.
  • Auto Dial – Manually dialing numbers all day can become both physically and emotionally tiring. If employees could skip this step, they could be more productive during the workday. With auto dial, you can now skip the dialing and go straight to the conversation!
  • Call Forwarding and Routing – Making sure each customer will be connected to a live agent can become quite tricky. However, this stress can be eliminated thanks to call forwarding and routing! Before stepping away from your desk, merely direct all incoming calls to the number specified by you.
  • Live Call Recording – As a business grows, so does its number of employees. That’s great! But with live call listening and recording, you can now be sure that all your employees are handling calls the right way.
  • Call Scheduler – It’s rare to find someone who isn’t on-the-go or bus nowadays! When making calls to your customers, they may be busy and ask if you can call them back. With tools provided by the cloud network, you can easily schedule a return call while on the phone with the customer.

Maintenance for Your New Business Phone System

You want to invest in a phone system that you can rely on, one that doesn’t require an extensive amount of maintenance. The telephone systems IDeACOM NC provides for businesses are

  1. Low-maintenance
  2. User-friendly
  3. Require very little training. The training we do offer our customers shows them the proper utilization of the new phone system.

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Products and Services Provided by IDeACOM NC

We have quite a variety of phone systems for our customers to choose from, including iPecs, Avaya, Zultys, Plantronics, NEC, Vertical, and Polycom. IDeACOM has more than just phone systems; we provide a full selection of communication and IT services. Each service was created to be multi-functional and better for your company.

A few of these services include IT services, network cabling, computer repairs and upgrades, data backup and recovery, and so much more!

Why IDeACOM NC is the BEST!

IDeACOM is your #1 local source for all business communication and technology solutions! As we are based out of Kernersville, NC, we are proud to serve the state of North Carolina from the coast to the mountains.

Each phone system is custom-built for our clients, meeting each unique need of your business. After the installation of your system, we are always available to provide any additional support.

If you’re ready to build a successful business with new-and-improved communication and technology solutions, reach out to us here at IDeACOM, or call one of our friendly representatives today at ☎ (336) 854-4455!

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