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Be Prepared For Every Possibility

Failure to Plan is a Plan to Fail


48% of business owners say they don’t have a business continuity plan


75% of companies without a continuity plan fail within 3 years after facing a disaster

Those that can’t resume operations within 10 days after a disaster are not likely to survive

Your Business Continuity Plan from IDeACOM® NC

Creating a continuity plan gives your business a prevention and recovery system that protects your vital systems and data from threats. So, whether it’s a natural disaster or a cyberattack, the adept team at IDeACOM® NC helps you create a continuity plan that minimizes downtime and makes your recovery a priority.

Your continuity plan delivers a complete strategy to maximize uptime before and during a disaster. When a disaster disrupts your business, you’re looking at lost revenue and extra recovery expenses that could mean a hit to your profits. Your continuity plan from IDeACOM® NC is the key to saving time, money and stress.

See how a business continuity plan impacts your business.

Don’t wait for disaster to happen, let’s make a plan now.

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