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Human Body Temperature Detection

Detect abnormal human body temperature by using a high accuracy thermal camera together with built-in face detection AI.

In order to prevent the spread of diseases by the infected people, there are smart surveillance devices that can detect abnormal body temperature from the distance using specially designed high precision thermal imagers.

These thermographic cameras will first detect human faces using its deep learning artificial intelligence and then analyze each face using the thermal image and get the exact temperature reading of the face.

If the temperature is too high and the person is suspected to have a fever, the camera triggers the alarm immediately.

There are many critical locations where the temperature screening is critical, especially during the pandemic – hospitals, schools, government buildings, retail stores, factories, airports and others.

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Combinations of products required for this application.

Intelligent Access Control Solution

The intelligent access control solutions are using advanced technologies to further enhance the accuracy and security of the access rights verification process. Those technologies include face recognition, finger print recognition, tailgating detection and others.


Human Body Temperature Detection Solution

It is able to detect humans using AI, scan their body temperature from the distance and trigger screening alerts.


Human Temperature Detection Solution
R72FT-30 and Access Control (Line Message)
VMGB-370 and NVR (Line Message)
VMGB-370 and Attention List (Line Message)
VMGB-370 and Mobile Client

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