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Around-The-Clock Support Is More Important Than You’d Think

Your Biggest Disruption Shouldn’t Be Your Technology

Employees spend 91 hours a year fighting technology hiccups


13% of people’s first reaction to computer issues is to yell at their machine


About 1/3 of employees said they quickly give up and suffer the of loss of data

24/7 IT Support from IDeACOM® NC

Technology hiccups slow everyone down. Luckily, with IDeACOM® NC, you’re just a phone call away to getting back to being productive. IDeACOM® NC delivers technical support to accelerate your team’s ability to identify, respond and quickly recover from crashes and downtime. We’ll help you improve productivity, reduce costs and increase overall quality. And better yet, we’ll deploy active monitoring to identify and address issues before anything disrupts your team.

  Maximize your team’s productivity
  Access expert support 24/7
  Benefit from real-time monitoring tools
  Get remote or on-site resolution

See how technical support impacts your business.

Find out what it’s like to get the answers you need, when you need them.

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